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The desire for descendants of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade to go back to Africa can be influenced by a variety of reasons, including;

Cultural and ancestral ties

For many African-Americans and Afro-descendants, there is a strong sense of cultural heritage and a desire to connect with our ancestral roots. We may want to learn more about our history, traditions, and customs by visiting or even relocating to Africa.

Identity and belonging

Some of us may feel a sense of displacement and lack of belonging in the countries where our ancestors were brought as slaves. Returning to Africa may provide us with a sense of identity and belonging that they feel is missing in our current environment.

Connection to history and heritage

Going back to Africa can serve as a way to reconnect with the history of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and acknowledge the resilience and struggles of our ancestors. It can also be a way to honour our ancestors’ memory and sacrifices.

Seeking economic opportunities

Africa, like any continent, has diverse economies, and some descendants may see potential opportunities for work, entrepreneurship, or investment in certain African countries.

Political and social factors

In some cases, we feel disillusioned with the social and political climate of our current country and believe that moving to Africa will offer a fresh start or a more supportive environment.

Pan-Africanism and solidarity

The idea of Pan-Africanism, which seeks to promote unity and solidarity among people of African descent, may resonate with some individuals, leading them to consider moving to Africa as a way to strengthen these bonds.

What we care for

A new life for descendants of enslaved Africans in a East Africa

It’s essential to recognize that the reasons to return to Africa are diverse and individual, and not every descendant will have the same motivations. Moreover, the decision to return to Africa is a deeply personal one and is influenced by various factors, including one’s family history, personal experiences, and aspirations.

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CRDEA  was created because of the experiences of many descendants who are attempting to relocate to the continent.  The current processes are challenging, and leaves us open to insincere and unethical operators.  We simply want to come home, and we are not coming empty handed. We are experienced professionals looking to make positive contributions in our new home countries.

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